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July 2, 2006

Solid worship teams build solid foundations

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(A few more thoughts stirred by Ramesh Richard’s book Soul Passion.)

Every worship team, every ministry for that matter, builds a foundation. Often the construction is haphazard, unplanned and anything but deliberate. Sure, the bedrock may be Jesus – and He doesn’t shift – but the structure itself may be steel reinforced concrete, paper mache, granite block or tissue paper. Establishing that foundation is a core part of the team leader’s job.

The foundation is more than knowledge or training. Without substance, knowledge is fluff. Richards points this out on page 105. “Knowledge is not power. Knowledge draws power from application. Doing gives reality to hearing.” He realizes that our foundation – our passion – begins with a common set of core values. These values provide the world view enabling us to be successful doers and hearers of God’s Word.

Core Values:

1) Dependence upon God

2) Brokenness before God (rejecting defensiveness, recognizing sin as sin, repentance)

3) Meekness before God and others (thinking of ourselves less)

4) Yearning for God’s righteousness (hunger and thirst, longing and seeking)

5) Having received mercy from God, we extend it to others

6) Transparency before God

7) Becoming a reconciler / peacemaker, a filler of “peace vacuums”

8) Living as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, including resulting persecution

By applying these core values to decisions we make, we’re setting out to become deliberate foundation builders. We align ourselves with the Word of God. We explore what Jesus had to say. We apply His Word to our lives. We create strategies to obey. We attach self to the love of God. We detach self from the world. We engage ourselves fully – heart, mind, body – in relationship with God.

All in all, we step from being in the crowd of hearers into becoming doers.

What foundation is your team building? What fruit should be evident if you are building upon good, clear core values? What does the fruit of your team say about your real core values? What strategies can you put into action which will better enable you to build deliberately and well?


Professionalism and worship arts

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Professionalism is overrated. The Titanic was built by professionals. The ark was built by amatures.


July 1, 2006

Diversify, diversify & discover team unity

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On the way to my grandmother’s funeral I read Ramesh Richard’s book Soul Passion. It had been sitting on my shelf since the Moody’s Minister Conference two months ago and 11 hours of flight delays provided just the opportunity needed. Although Richards was addressing pastoral ministry, some of his key points also apply to people in worship ministry.

He said that successful, ongoing, sustainable ministry must have deliberate purpose. Purpose contains three overlapping distinctions. These key ingredients are:

Passion: This is where the heart goes. It’s what energizes and unleashes, drives. It’s the underlying purpose.

Mission: This is where the hands and feet go. It’s what you do repeatedly, the daily business, use of time, strategic action, responsibility.

Vision: This is where the mind goes. It’s the impact, difference, change you’re trying to accomplish. Your niche. It’s what you understand to be your unique purpose and how it fits within the overall supreme purpose of God’s plan.

Consider people serving the church through the worship ministry. It doesn’t take long to discover that almost every one has a unique and distinct mix of these three points. Some of us are passionate about the music and its role in congregational worship. Some of us are passionate about our role on the team. Others are passionate about how music expresses our hearts. Some are passionate about those special moments when the team and the congregation are all in unison and God’s presence seems especially tangible. And so on.

The same is true regarding mission and vision. We each have different roles and views of what we are about. And as we add new teams and team members, as we expand even the types of teams to include projection, video, drama, special music and the Lord only knows what else, the differences continue. The fabric’s texture becomes more and more complex.

I’m thankful for this diverse mix of passion, mission and vision to which each of us add. It’s stone soup. The final product is much more interesting than the individual components. Spice. Creation Jesus style in full multi-textured variety.

As you approach your role ministering through the creative arts, be deliberate. Discover and fan the flames of your passion. Deliberately approach your ministry to become more effective. Explore your vision. Sharpen your tools. Streamline life to enable effectively partner with the Lord in the areas He has called you to, be it marriage, family, ministry, work…

And also, make room for others to do the same. We’re each approaching our roles with the toolboxes God has developed in our lives. Each approach often reflects the specific blend of passion, mission and vision to which the Lord has called us. Allow others to approach their role differently than you would. They are different and should approach it differently.

But you’ve got to talk about your differences with one another. Differing approaches, gift mixes and resulting attitudes cannot be left as the unspoken elephant in the room. Discussing your differences allows each person to discover where they fit into the overall fabric of the team. It validates the role each person plays and the unique texture each brings to impact the congregation’s worship expressions.

This is the trick to ministry. Blending your passion, mission and vision mix with others so you can accomplish the work together. Unity is not having carbon copy views of passion, mission and vision. Unity isn’t being all the same. Unity is the interweaving together of very different body parts called together into a strong, functioning, breathing, living whole.

The benefits of communicating these things with your team build that unity. It also allows team leaders to make objective decisions by comparing new possibilities to what they know the team to be about. It helps the team remain untainted from distracting rabbit trails. It builds a sense of peace and stability within the team. The team clarifies overall team identity and each person’s role leading to “mission accomplished.” in short, they function as a body.

And that’s glorifying to God.

June 30, 2006

2006 Team Meeting 6/27

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Communication Team discussion notes June 27


Red & White balloons have been purchased.  Nancy and Sherrie will get the bottles, Lee will get the sand.   Pastor Jason’s youth group will blow up the balloons the day of the event.

There will be an additional interview for video (WED)

The military insert for the bulletin is done and delivered.

The Baptism insert is in progress.

Pastor Bob
Leona (plays organ)
Lucy Yacih
Joyce Echart (History of Church)
Bob Goldsmith (church building, Christian Ed)

Tuesday July 11 Room 111  7p.m.

June 24, 2006

2006 Team Meeting 6/20

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Communication Team Meeting Discussion Notes
Tuesday June 20, 2006

Military Tribute
Baptism Celebration

July 2    Bulletin Insert
July 2    Military Tribute
July 9    Baptism Skit
July 16  Pastor Ward Video


1.  Bullietin Insert: Sherrie will contact Dee Medema for a list of soldiers currently on duty.

2.  Slide Show:  Pastor Tim has photos for the slide show.  He is still accepting photos until June 25 of church attendees, immediate family or people connected with the church.

3.  Nancy Sando will put together the insert by June 28.


Bulletin Inserts:  Sherrie will contact Denise about putting the Baptism Celebration info in the bulletins.

Patti is working on the Baptism Bookmark inserts.  She has the front designed with logo and colors.  The back will include the following info:
date, time, place, bring lawn chairs, bring a dessert, bring towel, bring swimsuit for swimming afterwards, hamburgs, hot dogs provided by WLCC, note: if you want to be baptised please contact, Pastor Jeff.

Patti will check on getting Bingo Markers to color the balloon on front of the bookmark.  Communication Team will stamp the bookmarks at the July 27 meeting.


Filming will take place on Thursday June 22 at Pastor Ward's home.  Lee Cloyd will interview Pastor Ward and Pastor Tim will do the filming.


In addition to live testimonies some will be presented on video.  Pastor Jeff will provide the list of volunteers.


Myron Matz met with Pastor Tim and a script was developed.  Volunteers are needed to carry table, props etc.  Myron will contact the volunteers.


The battery operated PA system will not be available in time for Baptism Celebration.  Pastor Tim is researching alternatives.


Red and white balloons will be used to highlight the baptism area in the lake.  They can be weighted down with water bottles filled with sand or water.  The setup can be done while others are eating and perhaps Pastor Jason's youth group will volunteer to to the setup.

A few balloons with helium could also decorate the pavillion and eating areas.

1.  MOPS has requested a video promo.  They have clips and are editing these.  Pastor Tim will capture footage and combine this with the Church info.

2.  Womens Ministry has requested a brochure.

NOTE:  For the above projects the Communications Team will develop a standard template for a brochure, size 11X14.  Graphics and text will then be easily added making each ministry's brochure special.

Communication Team will also develop a standard list of items needed by each ministry to create their brochures or promos.

3.  Visitor Packs

A new visitor packet could be put together and given to visitors perhaps by the greeters as they enter the building.  These will make the visitors feel welcome to our church.  Suggestion made:  perhaps the scrapping members of WLCC would volunteer to decorate the bags.

4.  Worship CD

5.  Small Groups

6.  Movie Theater Promo

7.  Website Update

Next meeting:  Tuesday June 27, 2006 at 7 p.m. Room 111

June 14, 2006

2006 Team Meeting 6/13

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Communication Team Meeting
Discussion Notes
Tuesday June 13, 2006

Project:  Baptism Celebration

Date Changes
June 25   Bulletin Insert
July 2      Military Tribute
July 9      Baptism Skit
July 16    Pastor Ward's Baptism memories Video

The 'Kids on Baptism' video project will be postponed for now.

Bulletin Inserts
A bookmark insert for the June 25 bulletin will be drafted by Patti Olson.  She will present this at the next Communication Team meeting on Tuesday June 20.  The theme will be black and red matching the Worship Team theme.  This theme will also carry over to the banner and t-shirt projects, Patti will also draft these projects.

Pastor Ward Video
Lee Cloyd spoke with Pastor Ward and will be coordinating the taping date with Pastor Ward and Chase or Pastor Tim.  The finished video will be approximately 2-3 minutes in length.

The Baptism testimonies will be shared 'live'.

T-shirts for the members being baptised using the same red/black color theme was discussed.  Iron on transfers printed from the computer will keep the cost down.  Sherrie Elliott will check for the number of people being baptised and will check for T-shirts downstate.

Myron Matz, Bill Holland and Sandy Fortier have volunteered to perform the skit.  They will meet with Pastor Tim on Sunday June 18 at 9:30 a.m.  Sue Austin will contact Myron and Bill.  Nancy Sando will contact Sandy.  Perry Fortier will return a call to Nancy regarding arrangements for the Annie Doll.

A battery operated PA system has been ordered for the Baptism Celebration.

Balloons with weights to define the Baptism area in the water was suggested.  The red/black color theme could be used.

NOTE:  Call Pastor Jeff or Lee Cloyd to unlock the doors of WLCC in case Pastor Tim is unable to attend.

New Communication Team Members
Ron and Jessica Schrock will be joining the Communication Team when time allows.

June 20, 2006  7 p.m.  Room 111

June 7, 2006

2006 Team Meeting 05/30

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Communication Team Meeting
Discussion Notes
Tuesday May 30, 2006

Project:  Baptism Celebration

Topics discussed:
*Dates  *Posters *Bulletin inserts  *Videos *Testimonials  *Skit
*Weather Projection  *Event Committee  *Future Projects  *Next Meeting

Dates Set:   Skit, June 25

                   Pastor Ward video,  July 2

                   Kids On Baptism video,  July 9

Children will begin making posters on Wednesday nights starting June 21.  Pastor Tim will ask Sheri for a list of materials needed.  He will supply the paper also.

Bulletin Inserts
Sherrie will contact Patti Olson to post the above dates in the Bulletins.  Also an invitation to bring a guest (community outreach) to the Baptism Celebration.

History of Baptism
Sherrie will contact Lee Cloy about being the interviewer for this video.

Kids on Baptism
Nancy will contact Sheri Bradley for a list of children to participate. Permission form is completed and on file.

Video Lighting
Need back light, primary and side lights.

stickers/wooden crosses:  Oriental Trading Company.

• Sherrie will get password for Willow Creek

• Continue sending list of questions to ask the children to: litehouselady@charter.net

A few testimonies have been arranged.  Pastor Tim will check with Pastor Jeff regarding this.

Pastors prepare for Baptism, a short 3-4 minute humorous spoof. 

List of possible actors:  Bill Holland, Kevin Klevorn, Brian
Summerfield, Myron Matz, Randy Kruzel

Actors to meet on Tuesday June 6 at 7 p.m. in room 111

Sherrie, Nancy & Sue will contact the actors

Sherrie will contact Penny Fortier regarding annie doll or mannequin for skit.

Weather Projection
Sherrie will research and report closer to the event date

Event Committee
The Board Members, contact Paul Theriault

Future Projects
1. Small Groups
2. Kiosk for ministries
3. Heaven's Gate-October
4. Worship Conference

Next Meeting: Tuesday June 6, 2006 7 p.m. Room 111

2006 Team Meeting 05/16

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Communication Team Meeting – May 16, 2006
FOCUS: Baptism Celebration
Topics discussed:
• Videos            • Skit-Spoof on Pastors     • Bulletin Inserts
• Posters           • Weather Projection         • History of Baptism
• Testimonials    • Event Committee            • Next meeting
Video: Video shots of children explaining Baptism in their own words. Action Plan:

1.  Nancy Sando will contact Sheri Bradley and Cheryl Byer regarding which kids to ask to

2.  Need people to operate the cameras. (Pastor Tim will arrange)

3.  Need cameras (3 are available)

4.  Need people to pose the questions to the children. (Ask Sheri Bradley for list) suggestions:  Chad Bradley, Randy Kruzel, Pastor Jason

5.  Film space: suggested film areas: hallways

6.  Backdrop? Solid backdrop suggested. Green screen mentioned as well.

7.  Lighting: need backlight, primary and side lights

8.  Reward: suggested stickers for children who participate

9.  Need to set up dates for shooting the videos

10.Permission or release form needs to be signed by parent. (Nancy Sando has these forms)

11.Compile a list of questions to ask the children. Questions:
• What can go wrong?
• How long do you hold your breath?
• What does the Pastor say?
• Do you need to swim?
• What do the fish think?
• Can you eat before you go into the water?
• Why do we use water?
• What other way would be a nice way to baptize people?
• Why do we stick people in the water to baptize them?


Email any suggestions to Sherrie Elliott-Shubel at:


Skit-Spoof on Pastors performing Baptisms
1.Sue Austin will contact Kelly Bradley for a list of potential actors names.
(Sherrie Elliott-Shubel will introduce her to Kelly)
2.contact actors via email

Bulletin Inserts
(Patti Olson's project)

Weather Projection
1.Sherrie Elliott-Shubel has connections to get the projected weather report for the Baptism Celebration. She will research and report.

History of Baptism
1.check with Patti Olson
2.get clips of Pastor Ward

1.3-d posters made by the children
2.child's photo and name in the lower right corner
3.Nancy Sando will contact Cheryl Byer, also Sheri Bradley to see if making posters fits
   into their scheduled events.
4.Discussion as to where to display posters

1.get members testimonials
2.start this project closer to the event
3.get list of people for testimonials from Pastor Jeff

Event Committee
1.Who is on the event committee for Baptism and picnic?
2.Sherri Elliott-Shubel will contact them to get their plans and ideas.

Next Meeting
1.No meeting Tuesday May 23rd.
2.Next meeting Tuesday May 30th at 7p.m.

June 5, 2006

How about this for communicating?

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As an experiment, let's try out this blogging thing. Leave your comments on this thread and we'll see if it works better than the website we've been using. Thanks!

June 2, 2006

Hello, world!

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Hey folks! Another interesting experiment starts underway. My intent here is to experiment with the whole "worship leader transparency" thing by sharing a bit of my heart now and again and allowing you opportunity to respond. Stay tuned and together we'll see how this goes!

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