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June 7, 2006

2006 Team Meeting 05/16

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Communication Team Meeting – May 16, 2006
FOCUS: Baptism Celebration
Topics discussed:
• Videos            • Skit-Spoof on Pastors     • Bulletin Inserts
• Posters           • Weather Projection         • History of Baptism
• Testimonials    • Event Committee            • Next meeting
Video: Video shots of children explaining Baptism in their own words. Action Plan:

1.  Nancy Sando will contact Sheri Bradley and Cheryl Byer regarding which kids to ask to

2.  Need people to operate the cameras. (Pastor Tim will arrange)

3.  Need cameras (3 are available)

4.  Need people to pose the questions to the children. (Ask Sheri Bradley for list) suggestions:  Chad Bradley, Randy Kruzel, Pastor Jason

5.  Film space: suggested film areas: hallways

6.  Backdrop? Solid backdrop suggested. Green screen mentioned as well.

7.  Lighting: need backlight, primary and side lights

8.  Reward: suggested stickers for children who participate

9.  Need to set up dates for shooting the videos

10.Permission or release form needs to be signed by parent. (Nancy Sando has these forms)

11.Compile a list of questions to ask the children. Questions:
• What can go wrong?
• How long do you hold your breath?
• What does the Pastor say?
• Do you need to swim?
• What do the fish think?
• Can you eat before you go into the water?
• Why do we use water?
• What other way would be a nice way to baptize people?
• Why do we stick people in the water to baptize them?


Email any suggestions to Sherrie Elliott-Shubel at:


Skit-Spoof on Pastors performing Baptisms
1.Sue Austin will contact Kelly Bradley for a list of potential actors names.
(Sherrie Elliott-Shubel will introduce her to Kelly)
2.contact actors via email

Bulletin Inserts
(Patti Olson's project)

Weather Projection
1.Sherrie Elliott-Shubel has connections to get the projected weather report for the Baptism Celebration. She will research and report.

History of Baptism
1.check with Patti Olson
2.get clips of Pastor Ward

1.3-d posters made by the children
2.child's photo and name in the lower right corner
3.Nancy Sando will contact Cheryl Byer, also Sheri Bradley to see if making posters fits
   into their scheduled events.
4.Discussion as to where to display posters

1.get members testimonials
2.start this project closer to the event
3.get list of people for testimonials from Pastor Jeff

Event Committee
1.Who is on the event committee for Baptism and picnic?
2.Sherri Elliott-Shubel will contact them to get their plans and ideas.

Next Meeting
1.No meeting Tuesday May 23rd.
2.Next meeting Tuesday May 30th at 7p.m.


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