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July 2, 2006

Solid worship teams build solid foundations

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(A few more thoughts stirred by Ramesh Richard’s book Soul Passion.)

Every worship team, every ministry for that matter, builds a foundation. Often the construction is haphazard, unplanned and anything but deliberate. Sure, the bedrock may be Jesus – and He doesn’t shift – but the structure itself may be steel reinforced concrete, paper mache, granite block or tissue paper. Establishing that foundation is a core part of the team leader’s job.

The foundation is more than knowledge or training. Without substance, knowledge is fluff. Richards points this out on page 105. “Knowledge is not power. Knowledge draws power from application. Doing gives reality to hearing.” He realizes that our foundation – our passion – begins with a common set of core values. These values provide the world view enabling us to be successful doers and hearers of God’s Word.

Core Values:

1) Dependence upon God

2) Brokenness before God (rejecting defensiveness, recognizing sin as sin, repentance)

3) Meekness before God and others (thinking of ourselves less)

4) Yearning for God’s righteousness (hunger and thirst, longing and seeking)

5) Having received mercy from God, we extend it to others

6) Transparency before God

7) Becoming a reconciler / peacemaker, a filler of “peace vacuums”

8) Living as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, including resulting persecution

By applying these core values to decisions we make, we’re setting out to become deliberate foundation builders. We align ourselves with the Word of God. We explore what Jesus had to say. We apply His Word to our lives. We create strategies to obey. We attach self to the love of God. We detach self from the world. We engage ourselves fully – heart, mind, body – in relationship with God.

All in all, we step from being in the crowd of hearers into becoming doers.

What foundation is your team building? What fruit should be evident if you are building upon good, clear core values? What does the fruit of your team say about your real core values? What strategies can you put into action which will better enable you to build deliberately and well?


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